Phoenix Vision Inc. introduces our NEW Retail Sales Program.  


The program is designed to introduce into the marketplace Phoenix Vision’s award winning SiteView™ software at the individual store level.   Our software allows each participating store location to monitor in-store advertising activity by capturing actual engaged viewers of advertising content.  Our screens have the capability of calculating verified engagements of content per advertising unit and identifying individuals by their sex and age.

The program furthermore gives the store owner five different ways to monetize their investment.

Store Vendor Advertising:  The store can engage their individual vendors to advertise their products in-store and keep 40% of those profits.  

  • Local Content Provider Advertising: The store could get a % of any advertising generated with a Phoenix Vision partnered Local Content provider. 
  • Phoenix Vision VAR Advertising: The store could get  a % of any advertising generated with a Phoenix Vision VAR (Value Added Retailer) seller. 
  • National DOOH Agency Advertising: The store could get a % of any advertising generated with a Phoenix Vision National Agency.
  • Programmatic Agency DOOH Advertising: The store could get a % of any advertising generated with a Phoenix Vision Programmatic Agency.
The Phoenix Vision Retail Sales Program is truly a win-win proposition for store owners.  A very small investment of their in-store real estate for a guaranteed profit.  


Connecting Brands and Customers

Through Digital In-store Promotions and Engaging Content

Retailers – Open up a new revenue channel!  

  • No Capital Expenditure to retailer.
  • New revenue channel through four different advertising channels.
  • Advertise store promotions while customers are shopping
  • Retailer ad will always be displayed on half of the screen.
  • Advanced demographic detection technology with insights to help learn more about your customers… at no cost.
  • Flexibility – Mounted screen or News Rack with a Screen offered depending on space available.


 Interactive, Informative, Increase

  • Incremental Sales for Retailers – Reach consumers with high frequency digital promotions of in-store items when they are shopping.
  • Viewer Analytics – Gather data with monthly reporting including total number of viewers, gender, approximate age and traffic flow by hour and day.
  • Profitable Revenue – Aggressive Revenue Share Program through national, programmatic, local and vendor advertising.


Retail Advertising Gives You Insight Into YOUR Customers 

  • Verified Engagement and Reporting Technology

 –Each screen is equipped with demographic detection software                   

  • Who Are Your Customers?

     -Traffic Flow by Hour/Day/Month

     -Male vs Female

     -Young vs Old

  • Monthly Detailed Reporting

     -Reporting Gender, Age and Traffic Flow


Advertising Channels 

  • Local – Ads focused on the local businesses or services in the municipality or region.
  • Programmatic – Phoenix Vision has partnered with Programmatic Exchanges that enable brands or agencies to purchase ad placements on our sites through an automated bidding system.
  • National – Phoenix Vision pursues national brands and agencies for placement on our screens. Major focus will be with in-store brands to help promote while customers are making buying decisions.
  • Vendor – Leveraging the relationships and partnerships with brands to help promote within the store.



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