Phoenix Vision, Inc. uniquely addresses the current needs to increase advertising revenue with an “active” digital signage technology solution featuring anonymous viewer analytics. Phoenix Vision Inc.’s concept rests on three fundamental pillars: 1) the need for newspapers to create additional profitable revenue, 2) the need for advertisers to better predict the demographics of their sales through an active approach, and 3) the need to increase the efficiency of retail stores by utilizing in store screens to advertise their own products and services to the proper target audience at the optimal time and location.

Phoenix Vision, Inc.’s integrated “active” digital signage application uses available Internet technologies and enhanced demographic capture technologies to create a disruptively superior source of advertising revenue for businesses. Phoenix Vision offers a significant additional revenue source with a minimal increase in staff and other expenses by installing and running out of home in store advertising for business.

Advertisers Need to Understand Sales Demographics

Advertisers need to have a better understanding of the demographics of their sales. Advertisers typically passively display video or print advertising as a means of informing customers of the value of the targeted products. This passive approach often reaches the customers without any feedback as to the type of customer or their interest in the product. By enhancing digital signage to include “active” elements such as number of views by customers, length of view, sex, age-range, location, and time, the advertiser can use its video to target the most likely customers at the right time and place. This real-time analytics based advertising allows advertiser to track and target their ad campaigns to create new revenue and improve their profitability.

Enhanced Effectiveness of Retail Stores

Retail chains act as the platform for the sale of many kinds of products and services. The Phoenix Vision, Inc. system allows stores to advertise their private label products and specials and to develop cost efficient strategies to target their retail customers with appropriate advertising at the right time. Phoenix Vision, Inc. technology in retail outlets enhances both knowledge of the customer as well as efficient allocation of products to shelf space. Ten percent of the adspace playing time is reserved for use by the retail store in order to realize these benefits of increased customer information and efficient product allocation.

The SiteView System

The primary product of Phoenix Vision is the creation of a technology based revenue stream for regional newspapers called Phoenix Vision SiteView™. Phoenix Vision, Inc. addresses the needs of businesses, advertisers, and retail stores with the SiteView™ system. Phoenix Vision SiteView™ is a modern digital display in a retail outlet. Typically, these outlets are retail chains. The screen set up includes a video display and camera.

The SiteView™ system is controlled by software hosted in an embedded processor within the rack. As customers pass by the rack they view the content on the video screen. If their attention is held for 1 second, the embedded processor records a “view”. No specific identity is recorded. Only the sex, age-range, and time of the view are recorded for later processing. Advertisers will pay the newspapers for the information pertinent to customer views of their video advertising.

Phoenix Vision will find sites and advertisers. Each site system will be licensed to the site business operator on a monthly basis. Phoenix Vision, Inc. will sell the hardware to the site business operator and Phoenix Vision, Inc. will insure business owners’ IT staff is trained in sales, operations and maintenance, and that the videos are installed, views are recorded, correlated and results are provided to all parties. Tailored reports will be provided to the sites, the advertisers, and the business owner. The SiteView™ system generates significant revenues and profits for all parties based on “views” by customers of the advertising video.

What Do Retailers/Businesses Get?

  • INCREASED store sales.
  • The ability to drive customers to specific sections of the store.
  • Opportunities to highlight store branded projects (i.e. Store Credit Card).
  • Option to execute in-store and vendor contests or promotions.
  • To launch an own IN-STORE NETWORK.
  • An improved perceived retail store VALUE & EXPERIENCE with help producing unique content.
  • Robust and detailed STORE TRAFFIC REPORTS which include gender and age demographics .

What Do Advertisers Get?

  • ADVERTISING time on an innovative out-of-home, in-store or business network.
  • NEW WAY to target and monitor advertising.
  • The ability to take advantage of massive FREQUENCY. Each Phoenix Vision network has only 15 advertisers.
  • To CHOOSE WHERE messages are seen and heard.
  • DETAILED REPORTS of who actually viewed your spots, including gender and age demographics and dwell time.
  • Take advantage of trackable A & B creative testing—PERFORMANCE.