Mar 6, 2020 | News

Phoenix Vision Goes to Alaska to On Board Our New Partner, Anchorage Daily News

By Jessica Thorndike, PV CSC Director

Phoenix Vision is dedicated to supporting all of our customers and we do this from day one. When a new customer signs a contract with Phoenix Vision, we immediately schedule a two-day visit to complete the Customer Survey. Most recently two of Phoenix Vision’s team – Mitch McKinnon, VP of Sales and Marketing and Jessica Thorndike, Customer Support Director headed north to Anchorage, Alaska. With a backdrop of beautiful snow covered mountains, Mitch and Jessica met with the leadership at Anchorage Daily News. During their time together Phoenix Vision and the Alaska Digital Billboard network launch team discussed workflow, sales strategies, installation and visited a few potential retail locations. To get the effort underway, the Phoenix Vision team left behind a fully built and functioning demo unit for the Anchorage team to use for retailer and advertiser presentations. The demo unit features our new OptConnect Router, providing enhanced connectivity to the SiteView™ system for consistent and better data. We are enthusiastic about our new partner and look forward to watching them secure initial sites and advertisers on their way to a full compliment of systems in the market, bringing in meaningful revenue from new customers!